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David Dunleavy's SeaLife Murals

Our Mission: David Dunleavy “SeaLife Murals” are designed to encourage people to go outside, explore and enjoy the great outdoor water world while treading lightly. Dunleavy’s SeaLife Murals influence people to go boating, take a kid fishing, teach children catch & release ethics and fish within regulations for sustainable fisheries for future generations. The “SeaLife Murals” are also designed to encourage people to go kayaking or try a SUP, and to feel the ultimate under water world experience go Scuba Diving or try snorkeling

David Dunleavy Art is dedicated to raising an awareness for SeaLife and our water world. Dunleavy's art encourages education and raises awareness through public life size and larger than life wall murals, interactive art programs for children and community events.

To date, Dunleavy has completed 61 SeaLife Murals and we are scouting future locations. Each year we receive thousands of requests for Dunleavy's murals and we want to help the best way we can.

If you are interested in a Dunleavy SeaLife Mural for your community, please read below.

Qualifying the wall space for a Dunleavy SeaLife Mural

Is the wall space located at one of the following:

  • Zoo or Aquarium
  • Shopping mall
  • Airport
  • Convention center
  • Seawall
  • Building with high exposure located in a city
  • Marina
  • Museum
  • Research Center
  • Retail outlet
  • Ceiling
  • National or International building

Please email us several high resolution digital photos of the wall space available, exact measurements and geographical location.
Please send all information to the email address listed below and we will get back to you within one business day.

Contact us at sales@dunleavyart.com